فوائد المصلي

Plant goodness, for you will harvest what you plant!

0 37 4/3/2018 12:40:31 PM

An old man staying in the hospital for his old age and fragility, a young man visits him every day and sits with him for an hour. He helps him to eat and wash himself. He takes him for a stroll in the garden of the hospital, helps him to lay down and then goes home after he feels assured.

A nurse came to him one day to give him his medications, and check on him. She said: Masha'Allah, is this your son? He looked at her and he did not say any word. Then he closed his eyes and said to himself: I wish he was one of my sons. This orphan comes from our neighborhood. I saw him once at the door of the mosque crying, I calmed him and bought some candy for him. I did not meet him after that, but years later when he came to know that my wife and I are alone, he used to come to our house to check on us till I became very weak, so he took my wife to his house and brought me to this hospital for treatment.

When I asked him: Why do you bother yourself that much for us, my son? He smiled and said: I still taste the candy in my mouth.

The Poet says:

Plant goodness even if it is not in the right place, goodness shall never be lost.

No matter how long it takes, goodness will be harvested by the one who planted it.